Popular posts of 2010

It’s the last day of the year 2010. What better time is there to do what everybody else is doing and dive into Google Analytics and pretend statistics matter.

Most popular posts

  1. no such file to load — mkmf
  2. Building your very own web2.0 layout
  3. Using Google Page Speed to optimize websites
  4. Heroku, Rails 3, and Sass
  5. Hello Ruby on Rails world
  6. Redmine plugin: Github Hook
  7. Browser size does matter – Actual numbers
  8. Rails 2.0 deprecations
  9. 5 ways to run commands from Ruby
  10. Setting the request content type in Rails

Curiously, the majority of the popular posts this year were written from 2005 and forward and they still continue to reign supreme. Makes me wonder why I even bother writing new content.

Most popular 2010 posts

  1. Heroku, Rails 3, and Sass
  2. 5 ways to run commands from Ruby
  3. Hello Rails 3 World
  4. Rails 3: Responding with Excel
  5. Suppress warnings from Ruby
  6. Avoiding The Big Rewrite
  7. Introducing Progress Wars
  8. Humor driven development
  9. Webkit-based Xbox dashboard
  10. Don’t use placeholder text as labels

Looks like my Rails 3 and Ruby related posts are the ones getting the most traffic. I guess a good new years resolution would be to write more of those.

Referring sites

Interestingly enough, and contrary to what many social media gurus would have you believe, Google continues to be the master of my referrals with more than 10 times the referred visitors than the closest runner-up.

The best performing social media tool is Twitter at #14, 4 places below Bing of all things (looks like the number of people googling on Bing is slow increasing).

Progress Wars

I can’t really write a 2010 in review post without mentioning my hit of the year; Progress Wars.

I launched Progress Wars back in March with a single, inconspicuous tweet, and it went on to receive 27000 visits the first day it was live. It’s popularity plummeted quickly thereafter and has now settled on a more moderate ~100ish visits per day with a few spikes when it gets linked somewhere.

In total, the “Perform mission” button has been clicked more than 5 million times by more than 100.000 people. 86% of the people visiting Progress Wars has to click the button at least once.

Here’s to another great year

In general the traffic on mentalized.net has been a bit lower than the previous year. Not surprisingly, given the fact that older posts seem to be driving traffic and I didn’t write much in 2009.

At least the traffic broke a down-trending curve and held steady in 2010. Here’s aiming to push the curve upwards again in 2011.

Happy new year to you, my dear reader, may it be full of win!