Introducing Progress Wars

Today, I am stoked to bring you Progress Wars – the ultimate game of progression.

If you enjoy spending time on Facebook “games” like Mafia/Pirate/Ninja/Viking Wars/Clan/whatever you’ll most certainly be thrilled by Progress Wars!

I have analyzed popular Facebook games and distilled their enticing gameplay into their core game mechanics. What’s left is only the stuff that makes a game like Mafia Wars tick – none of the fluff. The result is Progress Wars.


Progress Wars is the result of a lazy Sunday and a desire to point out the pointlessness of many casual games. I’ve had this idea ruminating in my head for a while, but this Penny Arcade strip finally triggered me to actually implement it.

On the techno-babble side of things, it’s Rails 3 with Haml, Sass running on a free Heroku plan. Client-side it’s HTML5’ish with liberal use of CSS3 aided by jQuery.