Progress Wars followup

Roughly one week ago I posted a blog post and a single, innocent tweet announcing the launch of Progress Wars.

The morning after I fired up Google Analytics to see if anyone had visited the site, expecting perhaps 100 visits or so and my jaw instantly hit the floor.

Overnight success

Over the first day of the life of Progress Wars 27000 people had visited, 90% had clicked the “Perform mission” button at least once. In 24 hours the button had been clicked more than a million times, causing @fbindie to announce We are all idiots. I wouldn’t go that far, but I must say I was – and still am – absolutely stunned by the feedback my little joke got.

Now, a week later, the visits have pretty much faded after 65000 people have visited, and performed missions over 3 million times. From my point of view, Progress Wars have been an astounding success.

Other games

As part of all the great feedback I’ve been pointed in the direction of other, similar games:

If you enjoyed Progress Wars you might want to check out the above.