MSDN hates Firefox

Microsoft, a company that proclaims to be devoted to web standards, has updated parts of their MSDN Library VBScript Language Reference. They’ve hidden the most valuable details of each funtion behind some pointless click-to-expand links. Apart from being a usability blunder, Microsoft once again fails to prove that they care for or have even heard of standards or other browsers than Internet Explorer.

Here’s my Firebug log from simply opening the reference page for the DateAdd function.

The MSDN site is now worthless in Firefox since the expand details links does not work. I for one cannot be told what the arguments mean, since this is what my Firebug log tells me when I click the link:

Microsoft, I can’t wait until I no longer have to developer using your shoddy products. It looks like you don’t want me around, anyways. Whatever happened to Developers, developers, developers or was that just Ballmer blowing smoke as usual?