Validating IE team websites

Scoble assures us that it is untrue that Microsoft doesn’t want to comply with the W3C standards. Dave Massy from the IE team calls it a myth that Microsoft doesn’t support standards.

Still, the newest addition to Microsofts IE-marketing, the IEBlog, indicates the opposite. As do every known blog run by members of the IE team.

I realize validation isn’t the end-all, be-all of standards compliance. However I would expect, that the development team that has to struggle with parsing and rendering the bottomless bowls of tag soup making up the WWW today would be a little more concerned about outputting proper HTML.

To be fair, it seems like they’re simply relying on some internal blogging/CMS tool and the real culprit is this tool.

Here’s to hoping that Microsoft will some day put their money where their mouth is, and actual show the world that they understand, know and care about webstandards. Producing a single semantic, validating website would be nice first step.