Music ala Apple is sexy

iPods have always been sexy - period. 3rd generation iPods are even sexier: Smaller, with more storage space (up to 30GB, drool) and now with easily usable play-control buttons and a kinky docking station. Somehow I think it's a good idea my bankaccount isn't bulging with unspent cash or I'd end up buying one of those babies.

Add to this the whole iTunes 4 / Music Store deal and the temptation is almost too big. Unfortunatly the Music Store is not available for Windows yet (after all Apple is a hardware vendor with their own OS and hardware), and what's even worse it is unavailable to people outside the US. I realize that teaming with the music industry BigCo's probably doesn't give Steve and Co all the flexibility they want, and that localization may be an issue, but I hate being treated as a secondrank consumer because of my geographical location.

Hopefully this great initiative is going to be a success for both Apple and the RIAA godfathers, showing the media dinosaurs that there is a bold new world out here, with myriads of people wanting to actually pay for - not steal - their products.