Musical dinosaurs

Not only the danish newspaper industry aspires to become the next extinct dinosaur in the digital world of tomorrow. The music business is right on their tail. EMI has announced that they have found the solution to their dwindling income: They will simply use copy-protection on their CDs - that should take care of digitally pirated music…

I am terribly sorry, but I fail to see why EMI believe they are different from the software business, where decades of copy-protection have not got rid of the software pirates. I also fail to see how this will solve the problem with the distribution of MP3’s which until now have been blamed for the decline in revenues. And lastly I fail to see how they can be so naive to think that a copy-protection will actually work - if it can be read digitally, it can be copied digitally.

Think again, EMI - or is it simply “think”?

Update: Spotted this great column while surfing past CommonMe.