My christmas vacation distraction

For many years I have had a christmas tradition: Over the vacation I would build a small hobby project for fun. The last few years have had me lounging in the couch at my parents place, writing small games. This year was no different.

Introducing SuperBrix

SuperBrix screenshot

Play now (control with arrow keys, shoot with space).

SuperBrix is inspired by a game called Jetbrix, which I remember from my very first computer, a Commodore 16. I don’t remember much other than it featured guy with a jetpack and he flew around shooting bricks falling from the sky. So that was the mechanic I implemented.

Being a Rubyist, I have played around with a few Ruby-based game frameworks, most notably Gosu. Recently, though, the rise of canvas and WebGL has made the lure of building games that run in the browser quite tempting.

This year I stumbled across; a 2D game framework that comes with a bunch of good stuff. Sprite sheets, animations, particles, game stages/states, fixed timestep game loop, everything you need to put together a 2D game.

I quite like so far. For a small game like mine it has worked just fine, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you have Javascript chops and want to experiment with writing games.

And please, make sure to show the rest of us what you make.