Digging into Objective-C (again)

While the concept of writing native Mac apps in Ruby definitely appeals to me, I must say the experience isn’t quite as easy as I was looking for.

After writing my last post I realized that what I had thought to be the path of least resistance, wasn’t. And while I knew I’d run into resistance with XCode and Objective-C as well, at least I’d be doing things the “proper” way and learning new stuff.

So I fired up XCode once again and set out to write a Mac application. The following is a bunch of notes and stray thoughts I scribbled down during those first hours - my first (well, fourth) impressions of developing iApps coming from Ruby.


The language

Interface Builder

Files and structure

Debugging output

Installing frameworks

I am sure I’ll laugh at the above as I get more experience. But this serves a nice reminder that starting anything new is a fragile situation and we should make sure newbies are welcomed and aided into our communities.