Experiment: PileUp Carousel

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, hardware accelerated 3D transformations – this post has it all. Oh, and a live demo.

I recently had the idea of a photo carousel resembling a pile of photos being shuffled from one side of the screen to the other. The goal was to use as little JavaScript as possible and rely on CSS transitions instead.

The resulting demo is here


This is just me messing about and kicking the tires, it’s not intended to be a fully working, reusable, or customizable widget. In other words; this is not a jQuery plugin. I suppose it could be made into one fairly easily, though.


<pedantry>When the heck did these types of widgets become “sliders”? These are sliders, the others are not. The best of them don’t even slide. Calling them slideshows are a stretch even.</pedantry>


Known issues