Plantronics Savi Go on Mac OS X

Being a remote freelancer, I regularly take part in Skype and phone calls. Up until now, I’ve been using the internal microphone of my MacBook Pro, but let’s be honest, that sucks. So I went hunting for a headset to use.

I ended up buying the Plantronics Savi Go WG100. So far, it seems like a pretty good headset, but getting it to work with my Mac running Snow Leopard proved to be harder than I’d have liked.

Primarily because I thought I knew what I was doing.

It’s there for a reason

The headset comes with a USBBluetooth dongle. That’s nice, I thought, especially for those poor computers that don’t already have Bluetooth built in. Luckily, MacBook Pros do, so I went ahead and paired the headset with the laptop. It worked fine and the headset was found and set up as audio input/output no problem.

Oh, you wanted audio in your headset?

Until I tried to actually use the headset, that is. No audio was sent to or from the headset, and audio applications like iTunes would just hang when I tried to play something.

I had almost wrapped up the headset and sent it back when I figured I’d try the Bluetooth dongle. Lo and behold, it worked flawlessly with the dongle.

How to get it running

So here are a few notes for anyone else having issues with the Plantronics Savi Go WG100/B on OS X 10.6:

And all this because I thought I knew what I was doing. Next time I’ll read the effin manual… or not.

Update december 7, 2011

It seems that at least on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 it is possible to pair directly with the Mac – ie not using the BUA200 Bluetooth dongle. My dongle suddenly lost pairing with the headset, and when I tried pairing with regular Bluetooth it worked just fine and I’ve even managed a Skype call using it.

So there is that.