New Ruby and Rails apps in Denmark

The number of live, production Rails apps is ever increasing. Even though Denmark is still primarily living in a Microsoft and PHP bubble, great Rails applications are being built around the country.

Out of curiosity, I thought it interesting to compile a list of the newer ones added to the growing list of danish Rails applications, and thanks to my Twitter followers came up with the following list.


Anybite is a search engine for food. It answers the question of what you can eat and where; “Where do I get vegetarian food?”, “Where can I get a pancake?”, or “Who has the best bang for the buck brunch?”


Autobutler allows car owners to easily solicit offers for repairs and maintenance from more than 250 mechanics across the country.


Blueprint is a simple web based resource planning tool for project work that enhances transparency, promotes involvement and improves team performance.

A book review aggregation and book price comparison application. Lets you, for example, find out what the best children’s books available as e-books are.

DNSapp is a place to host DNS: for all your domains. They support a bunch of top level domains, and has a REST API and accompanying gem for it. puts event organizers in direct contact with artists and entertainers, effectively cutting out the middle man; the booking-agent. Disclaimer: My company, Substance Lab, built this.


Gruvi is a Facebook application that recommends movies to you based on your taste and tells you which films your friends are raving about. Part of the Startupbootcamp program.

Hul i vejen

Hul i vejen allows citizens to report holes and other defects in streets and roads across the country, so that proper authorities can keep track of what needs fixing out there.

Magma is an online tool for planning, organizing, and creating content for digital & print publications.


Open Smiley is a wrapper around data from – the governments rating system for how well restaurants and other companies comply with food regulations.

Shared Playlists

Shared Playlists provides playlist sharing and collaboration for music lover. It integrates with Spotify and

Sofus Systemet

A web application for foster homes and organisations to improve commuication and share knowledge about the development of the children.


An epic tale of intergalactic merchants traveling the vast reaches of the galaxy, bringing goods from planet to planet, earning phat SpaceCredits