My first website

The end of a year is traditionally the time for introspection, and looking back at the moments that have passed.

I have done just that, with the difference that I’ve stumbled upon some ancient files and have looked all the way back to 1996 where I published my first website. And boy, is it a beauty…

Party like it’s 1996

Homepage of my first website

Centered text written white on black, no doctype, no character encoding, lots of tables, probably “optimized” for IE3. Hot stuff. I am surprised I found no animated gifs not blink tags there.

Sample content page of my first website

Back then, I would build the pages on my Amiga, copy them to a floppy, ride my bicycle to the local library, borrow one of their computers and upload the pages via FTP. Things are a bit easier these days.

I’ve shown you mine…

Now you’ve seen my puberty website, pimples and all. What did your first website look like?