Launch: Lokalebasen

It’s not like this has been a secret until now, but Lokalebasen, the most recent client work built by me (in collaboration with Casper Fabricius) has launched.

Lokalebasen allows realtors and other providers of offices, warehouses and production facilities to connect with companies looking for a location to buy or rent in Denmark. And so far, the site has been successful.

We quietly launched a version of Lokalebasen in January and have been continuously improving the site and experience since then. When we launched, the site was functional, but far from complete. Nevertheless, people looking for offices etc. still managed to find it, and the first deals have already been closed thanks to Lokalebasen.

This is really a testament to agile and test driven development (well, actually BDD to be specific). It basically means Lokalebasen have been able to fund part of the development of the site with actual revenue from the site itself.

That sure beats waiting for income for a few more months while we perfect the site. A big win for releasing early, releasing often – and in particular for the client.