Launch: Børn i byen

This is probably one of those posts, that I ought to in Danish, oh well…

The recent weekend marked the launch of Børn i byen (that’s “Children in the city” for you danishly-challenged readers) – a user-driven guide to Copenhagen focusing solely on parents and their children.

Børn i byen frontpage

People are already blogging about it and judging by the comments, people are liking it.

Since December I have been part of the Børn i byen team. Even though I have no kids, I was added to the project – on recommendation from Lars to assist the original developer and the rest of the team get a launchable product out the virtual door.

On the technical side of things, it’s all Ruby on Rails, using Blueprint for the CSS, Capistrano for deployment, Comatose for a lightweight CMS, Geokit for the Google Map stuff, and Carolines espresso machine for fuel.