Optimus 103 keyboard less than optimal?

Art. Lebedev Studio should now have been taking pre-orders for their Optimus-103 keyboard, which is based on what used to be the probably coolest keyboard ever; the Optimus concept keyboard.

However, somewhere along the process from concept to production the keyboard has:

  1. Lost a bunch of keys (fair enough, we probably didn’t need them and losing them shaves 10% off the price).
  2. Lost the ability to display color icons (which unfortunately means it lost quite a bit of its appeal, as well).
  3. Had a pre-order pricetag set to $1200(!), with promises of sub-$1000 in late 2007 ($1200?! we knew it would be expensive, but seriously, that’s way too much for mostly everyone).
  4. Had the studio owner post a sour post claiming it would have no displays and a $10K pricetag (ranting has its place, but I am not sure a post like that is a good idea for any company).
  5. Had it’s pre-order date pushed from mid December 2006 to February 2007 and regained support for color icons (makes me wonder if this means the $1200 pricetag is still real or what?).

So apparently we have to wait until February until we know anything. Until then, you can enjoy the Optimus’ 3 key baby brother instead.

PS: Kudos to the Art. Lebedev Studio team for blogging about this process, even though hearing peoples reactions can be frustrating at times.