Firefox 2 dot oh

Firefox 2.0 has been released. Go get it. Now.

First impressions

Subscribing to feeds

Looks like subscribing to feeds got a whole lot friendlier. This is what it looks like for my feed:

Sure beats the more or less raw XML you used to get in most cases.

New access key modifier keys

Access keys are no longer activated by using the alt key alone (on Windows at least). You now need to use both alt and shift, which should mean a whole lot less of the usual browser shortcuts get hijacked by websites using access keys.

Yellow fade technique

Firefox 2.0 uses a yellow fade technique – or orange fade technique in this case – to illustrate the fact that you have opened a new tab that isn’t currently visible in the tab bar. It fades the tab bar navigation arrow from orange to it’s regular state:

Will post more good stuff as I discover it.

Oh, yeah, a new version of some other browser also got released recently.