Slowing down tests

There I go again, trying to be too clever for my own good. In an attempt to do less I tossed the fixtures loading into test_helper. I figured it’d be a lot easier to just add to that single fixtures line whenever I added a new model, instead of having to potentially add to a bunch of test files.

And it was easier, but it came at a price.

Units Functionals
All fixtures in test_helper Finished in 27.274751 seconds Finished in 19.175251 seconds
Relevant fixtures in each test Finished in 12.018364 seconds Finished in 10.118103 seconds

Do note that I am running tests without transactional fixtures, since the SQL Server adapter seems to cause false negatives in the test results, when it tries to roll back a transaction that has had no data modification occur.

Suffice to say, I just spent some time moving fixtures loading into the individual test files again.