"Mr. Skjerning, buy my stock options, thankyou very much"

Here in Denmark almost all phone sales are against the law. There are a few expections, but in general you’ll never (or at least rarely) get an annoying sales person on the phone.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from an Indonesian sales lady today. What the F!?. She had my name and phone number (probably gleamed from looking up whois information), and was trying (I think, her Engrish was less than prefect, yes) to sell me some kind of stock options in some shady business in some dubiuos country.

When I clearly told her I didn’t have the 10 minutes she ensured me was all it’d take to hear this offer of a lifetime, she continued to extol the virtues of the offer. I had to cut her off. I hate being rude like that, but I hate people wasting my time even more.

Man, I’m glad we live in a country that outlaws that behaviour, now to get the rest of the world to follow suit. Fat chance, eh?

Interesting. Less than an hour after posting this entry, it received a “nice site” comment linking to a Pakistani “stock guide”, which seems to nothing but an Ad site. Could there be a connection, or just a mindless spambot scouring the internet for “stock” references?