My little black book of ideas

I carry a Moleskine notebook with me pretty much wherever I go. I use it to jot down ideas and thoughts, usually for websites and -services. At the time of writing I have 10-12 different ideas floating around in my head and/or notebook.

My problem: I have no clue how to monetize these, nor do I know if they are actually good ideas – most probably aren’t.

I could build the core of most of those ideas easily enough. I should probably follow Paul Scrivens idea of taking a weekend and do nothing but hack away at the core functionality of an application and simply get stuff out there, worry about monetization later. Harness the power of Ruby on Rails prototyping, getting real and all that jazz.

Come to think of it, I’ll probably have a bunch of time over Easter to hack away on something. And seeing how I have no pressing client work at the moment, I should probably pick an idea and just go with it.

Hm, it actually sounds like a plan.