Keeping files on multiple computers

I switch between a few different computers on a daily basis; a Windows machine at work, a Windows machine at home, and an iBook on the couch. This does cause some difficulties, one of those being about having access to the same files would be nice.

I’ve been using FolderShare to solve that problem for some weeks now, and I have been quite pleased with it.

It’s a small, free (with restrictions) application available for both Windows and OS X. It synchronizes folders between the machines you install the application on, and so far does a great job.

You need two machines to be online at the same time for the synchronization to happen, since there is no central storage server involved. For me, that’s a non-issue, since my work machine is pretty much always online.

FolderShare doesn’t handle conflicts automatically, ie where the same file is changed on multiple machines. To me, the risk of that happening is fairly low however, since I am rarely present at two machines at once. In any case it beats FTPing or mailing stuff back and forth by a long shot.

This post is also available in Danish.