Stuff is indeed happening

Progress indicators, activity indicators, spinners, throbbers. Call them what you want, but giving some away for free sure seems to have been a good idea.

Thanks to those of you who let me know you appreciated the images, and especially to those of you who sent me your own collections. Unfortunately I really can’t be bothered to check on ownership and rights of every single image, so I need to be told that what you send me is indeed yours to release into the wild wastes of the public domain. Virgin Radio gets credit for being the first contributor to the collection who isn’t me.

So far I know of 2 places using my indicators, and who both let me know about it. Cheers! One guy also took the time to post them to his Flickr stream – how’s that for offsite backup? ;)

Jesper Rønn-Jensen asked how the link from Ajaxian influenced my stats. I think the proper response is “in a massive way”. My page views went up by a factor of 10, but then again, it never was a huge number to begin with. The number of daily pageviews peaked 2 days after the Ajaxian post, and is now getting close to what it was before.

All this sure made me feel all warm and A-listy inside. Great way to begin the new year.