Announcing WoW Snitch

WoW Snitch (now disbanded) is a small application of mine that eases the pain of uploading data from your World of Warcraft AddOns to multiple websites.

If you know what Matt Millers fine UniUploader is and does, you can think of WoW Snitch as multiple UniUploaders in one application. Each task you create is more or less able to do what UniUploader does.

I personally use WoW Snitch to upload data to my guilds Guildspace website, Census+ data for Warcraft Census (mmm, stats), and for keeping my character profiles on RPG Outfitter up to date. Unfortunatly it’s currently not possible to upload to Allakhazam, Thottbot, or any of the other sites that employ their own, closed uploading mechanisms.

WoW snitch is the first Windows desktop development I have done for ages. It is a nice break away from the dynamically typed scripting languages I usually work with. There’s something soothing about that compile phase (probably because I haven’t reached 30 minute builds yet), and I really do like the warnings and errors a compiler can catch. That said, I definatly don’t mind giving up that in favor of the things made easy by for example Rubys ducktyping.

Having previously ranted about Windows applications and raved about OS X ditto, I sure hope I have managed to add some of the sexyness that’s so badly missing in many Windows applications to WoW Snitch. ::crosses fingers::

Head on over to the WoW Snitch website, download the snitch directly, and drop me some feedback in a mail or the forums or here, thanks.