Firefox 1.5 is out

Firefox 1.5 is out and naturally I have to check it out. My initial impression is “whoa, it’s so much faster than the old version”. I have no hard numbers, but it would seem that render speed and general responsiveness have improved vastly.

Too bad I have to wait for my favorite plugins to be updated, although having Viamatic foXpose available instead almost makes up for it.

An interesting change is having CSS errors and warnings appear in the JavaScript console. I am not entirely sure I like that approach, since the JS Console can become cluttered enough as it is. Still, making errors and warnings more visible is a good thing, although I’d probably prefer an extension ala the HTML Validator one that validates CSS instead.

At least some good has already come from it: It prompted me to do something about the IE hacks I had in place here at, so I don’t look (as much) like a bumbling CSS fool.

And boo: Firefox 1.5 doesn’t pass the Acid2 test