How to stay on Rails 0.13.1

In these times where Rails 1.0 Release Candidates introduce memory leaks, bugs, and whatnot, you might want to lock your Rails application to a tried and tested version.

In your config/environment.rb, change your require_gem lines from

require 'active_support'
require 'active_record'
require 'action_controller'
require 'action_mailer'
require 'action_web_service'


require_gem 'activesupport', '= 1.1.1'
require_gem 'activerecord', '= 1.11.1'
require_gem 'actionpack', '= 1.9.1'
require_gem 'actionmailer', '= 1.0.1'
require_gem 'actionwebservice', '= 0.8.1'
require_gem 'rails', '= 0.13.1'

and you’ll be rolling on Rails 0.13.1 until you decide not to. Best way to make sure breakage doesn’t happen when your host decides to upgrade without warning you.