My stages of Ruby on Rails acceptance

Andy Budd has posted a about the stages of technological acceptance. They seem to mirror my acceptance of Ruby and Rails quite well.

I remember back when David showed me Ruby for the first time. Come to think of it, he was probably showing me Rails, but I was blissfully unaware of this. David was as excited and enthusiastic as a kid in a candystore, going “Look! You can do this! Open declarations! Ducktyping! Full Object Orientation! Blocks!”.

I looked at him going “Yes, that’s all very fine, but I can do websites in PHP or ASP too, what’s the big deal?”. Heh, kinda fun thinking about that. Obvious denial, eh?

Next phase is supposed to be anger. I don’t recall actually going through anything close to that. My anger phase came as part of my acceptance phase, while trying to install Ruby and Rails on Debian

My acceptance phase came when I kept hearing David rave about Rails and seeing him and everybody else release one kickass application after the other. I figured I’d look into it. It was about time to learn a new language anyways, and it couldn’t hurt.

From that point, understanding wasn’t far away. I think my Point of Understanding was right after Routes was added to Rails. I changed a route around and blam – all my links changed accordingly. I swear, I was clapping my hands with glee.

Leading to enthusiasm, which is definatly the phase I am still in. I am sure everyone in my nearest surroundings can attest to this. And I imagine this very weblog shows proof of this too.

I do wonder, though, what’s the next stage? Saturation? Boredom? Ignorant Bliss?