Way to go, Bahne and OBH

Some time ago I pretty much destroyed our OBH hand mixer. It suddently gave up living and went quiet. The mixer is 1½ year old and to be brutally honest I probably wasn’t using it entirely the way I was supposed to at the time of death. Nevertheless we went to the store to ask about getting it replaced or fixed.

The clerk at the store looked at the burnt out mixer, asked me what was wrong (to which I replied; “it died”), then went to the shelf to pick out a brand new one and handed it to us. He never questioned my explanation or even cared to look at our receipt (the latter I imagine was an oversight on his behalf, though).

We went away from Bahne mildly bewildered (“what the heck just happened there?”) having expected an uphill battle trying to argue that it was a defect to be covered under the warranty. Instead we got a new, off-the-shelf mixer and an examplary experience with the clerk telling us that “these things practically never break down, so when they do, we have a policy of simply replacing them”.

Thumbs up to Bahne and OBH Nordica, excellent job of keeping your customers happy.