My IKEA experience

This Saturday was spent mulling around the local IKEA store, picking out the furniture that’ll transform my bachelor pad into a couples home. Monday the furniture was delivered and carried (under much complaining and whining by yours truly) the 2 stories up to my flat.

Alas, it turns out the dining table is the wrong color. Now this shouldn’t be a problem, since we obviously know we ordered the table we wanted, the guy who took our order simply must’ve entered the wrong number in their system.

However 2 worries crept into the back of my head:

  1. Do we have to lug the table through busses and trains to get it back to IKEA or pay bundles for delivery people?
  2. Will IKEA even replace the table, seeing how we’ve opened the boxes, and that we should probably have verified that our order was actually what we wanted?

First thing next morning I head on to the IKEA website, locate a contact form and submit it. Within half an hour I have a reply from a real person (or a very well implemented email bot) asking for some details about the purchase, which I provide him.

With an hour from initial contact I have confirmation that they will replace my table, and that they will call me later the same day to arrange the specifics.

Thumbs up to IKEA for turning what could’ve easily become a really crappy experience into a surprisingly pleasant minor issue for me.

I hope, however, that I won’t have to carry the old table down again, and the new one back up…

Update: The delivery crew has just left. 2 people delivered our new table to the flat and took the faulty, opened packages with them again. I am still left with a pleasant memory of this issue – very nice.