Don't notify me again, dammit!

“Don’t notify me again” is Microsoft-speak for “notify me again whenever you feel like it, please”.

Case in question: The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MMSRT) or whatever it’s called. I don’t have it, I don’t need it, I don’t want it.

But Microsoft really wants me to have it.

The first time the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool appeared in my list of Windows Updates, I unchecked it, and when the ever so kind Windows Updater asked if I wanted to download the unchecked upgrades at some later point in time, I replied; “Don’t notify me about these upgrades again”.

Silly me thought that meant it wouldn’t notify me about those upgrades again.

Oh no, in reality it means that every time there is an upgrade available for anything – even completely unrelated things like Bluetooth stuff – Windows Update tries to trick me into downloading their MMSRT.

And every time I tell it not to. Again.

Fine, I realize Microsoft thinks it important that I am able to remove the spyware I get when using their browser (as if I am), but for crying out loud, I have plenty of malicious software removal tools at my disposal. None of them has “Microsoft” in their name, however.

This practice of tricking your existing customers into using your products is appalling, and coming from a company that’s known for using their monopoly-like status to spread their products, it’s a sign they are either too stupid or too ruthless to care. I am not sure which it is in this case.

Next time I’ll have to look for the “Sod off” button. Which I am sure will be interpreted as “Oh, you want to order Windows 2006 Server Enterprise Edition with clustering and 2500 licenses? Sure thing, Bob, it’s in the mail and a gang of thugs with leadpipes has been dispatched to make sure you pay”.