Jimbo Wales

Notes from Jimbo Wales’ speech; The Intelligence of Wikipedia

A global project.

200 languages – 22 languages with more than 10000 articles.



Why does Wikipedia work?

Due to the community of thoughtful users.

Peer judgement. Community model. Reputation comes from actions and human judgements, instead of from ratings.

Users are powerful, have to be respected.

Small core (0.7% – 524 people) does more than 50% than the edits.

How does the community ensure quality?

Software provides easy way to view changes.

Let the community decide how it wants to interact. ie deletion votes, which arent really votes, but merely a wiki page where people put down “delete”/“keep”. More like a discussion.

The human factor!

Free knowledge

Neutral Point of View policy

Free Software

Allows for ease of extension

Wikipedia governance

Don’t solidify social rules early.

How does Wikipedia scale