Why Ta-da is better than Bla-bla

Having followed the Ruby on Rails weblog I’ve known about Bla-bla List for some time now. However it’s appearance on Forever Geek made me figure I’d give the application a shot and try it out for size.

Now, I won’t get into the technical side of the arguments, but Bla-bla List fails to even come close to competing with the experience of using Ta-da List.

Reasons Ta-da’ing beats Bla-bla’ing

(This list is naturally also available as “a shared list(Why Ta-da List > Bla-bla List)”:http://blablalist.com/list/jakob/WhyTa-daIsBetterThanBla-bla.)

By heavy use of Flash Bla-bla List not only fails to create an application that technically isn’t comparable to Ta-da List, but also fails to provide a user experience that comes to close the one of Ta-da List.