Acid2 test is live.

A month ago Opera CTO, Håkon Wium Lie, and WaSP publically challenged Microsoft and all other browser vendors to get their asses in gear and their browsers CSS support up to snuff. Now the goal line has been unveiled.

The barrier that new versions of browsers will be held against is called the Acid2 test and it was published yesterday.

Every browser I’ve thrown at it so far has failed. IE6 horribly so, Firefox 1 got fairly close, and Opera 7 was somewhere in between. Safari apparently comes reasonably close too.

Already now, the test has netted improvements to Safari (talk about commitment!) as reported by Dave Hyatt. It will be interesting to follow the various browser developer blogs to see how they react and how much progress they make.

Who will be first to release a browser with full Acid 2 support? Any bets?