Ruby on Rails hurts developer productivity

Gah, using Ruby on Rails is seriously influencing my productivity at work in a negative way. I take longer doing simple stuff, my code has more errors and never works the first time anymore.

“Why? How? Everybody else praise Rails to the skies, why are you different, Jakob?”, I hear the masses cry out. I’ll tell you why!

After having gotten used to RoR for a private project or 2, all the web development stuff I do at work feels ugly, clunky and unproductive, simply because I am not using Ruby on Rails for it.

Now my if statements are all wrong, I try to create objects that don’t exist, I think in terms of before- and after-filters, I expect everything handed to me on a gold platter, but it just doesn’t happen like it does in RoR!

So take my advice: If you are stuck doing legacy work on a legacy system, don’t think about learning RoR – you might never want to go back to work if you do.