MSN Search doesn't like me, so I don't like it

I put the newly launched MSN Search to the ultimate test: Searching for my name. Result #34, the last result of the bunch, was my about page. It was one of 3 results containing all 3 words from my name, and deemed less relevant than all other results. Result #1 was a list of weblogs, where I was mentioned with a link to mentalized, so they have been able to spider the site.

Leaving out my middle name from the search doesn’t even bring up mentalized as a result.

Searching for mentalized puts actual content from this site at result #15, below a bunch of sites linking to it. Matter of fact, we have to go to page 4 before we start getting results that aren’t links to this very site. Apparently links to the domain mentalized are more relevant than the actual website at the domain.

Another odd thing: When searching for my name, the number of results and available pages changed depending on what results page I was currently looking at. On page 1, I had 60 results and 5 pages, on page 2 and 3; 60 results and 6 pages. Then on page 4 I was suddently down to 34 results on 4 pages – how odd.

Sorry Microsoft, you may be trying to be good boy using near-standards, but a Google killer you are not – yet…