Google Suggest

The big geeky story around the blogosphere these days is the new Google Suggest feature.

Drew McLellan takes you behind the scenes, Adam Stiles looks at and “hacks” the technical side of Google Suggest, and Kevin Gibbs who made the feature talks about how the idea stems from a lunch table conversation to a new service from Google Labs.

Remember though, this is not something new or revolutionary. A Sitepoint article from 2003 talks about this, as does this Apple Developer article (which dates back to primo 2002 it seems – what’s with the having no date on content :o/). While the execution of the techniques might not be 100% identical, the concept is.

Having a BigCo player like Google take such a visible advantage of this technique, hopefully means more people will be inclined to step up and do the same in their own projects. I am looking forward to seeing how this will be implemented in non-search-related areas.