Scary contact form?

Is it just me, or does this contact form seem intimidating? I cannot really put my finger on anything in particular, but something about it that makes me go “err, no thanks, I’d rather not fill that out”.

It might be sheer number of fields, it might be the size of the fields, or the justified layout. Whatever it is, it turns me off.

If I were to reconstruct the form, I would trim the number of fields down to the 3 required ones: Name (combine both “Vorname” and “Nachname” in one field), eMail, and message. I would also move away from the 2-column layout and place all fields below eachother.

If it is necessary to retain the other 9-10 fields, I would place them below the message-textarea, clearly marked as optional data, perhaps even hide them behind some fancy DHTML hidden div.

The rest of the website is quite nice though, no wonder it was featured on CSSBeauty