Breaking the Linux barrier

Linux sucks. Or rather; Getting to know Linux sucks if you don’t already know Linux.

I don’t consider myself a total dimwit in regards to computers or command line processors and the like. As a fact, I tend to believe I am rather good at these things. Nevertheless – or perhaps that’s the reason – whenever I dive into Linux I end up going to bed too late and frustrated.

Ok, so perhaps Linux doesn’t suck. In all likelyhood I do. I just don’t like being told I suck, especially not by an inanimate bundle of silicon and transistors. Sadly that’s often the feeling I am left with when I venture into doing more advanced stuff on my Linux machine.

I am now left with Ruby installed thrice (2 times v1.8, 1 times 1.6), Ruby Gems half installed to one or more of the Ruby installations, and an apt-setup that works on occasion.

Sigh, some day I’ll get it right.