Omens of War armor quests

Table with an overview of drops and mobs required for the Omens of War armor quests.

Tier 1

Items needed

Armor Silk Leather Chain Plate
NPC Name Korshawn Barowsar Shorvok Vorkiev
Zone Walls of Slaughter Bloodfields Dranik's Scar Nobles Causeway
Arms Shared Map of Old Kuua
  • Feran Savageclaw (WoS)
  • Ornaia the Foul (RCoD)
  • Dragorn Blightkeeper (WoS)
  • Noc Slavehunter (RCoD)
Specific (2) Jagged noc tusk Dansk Blossom
  • (NC)
Kuuan Lodestone
  • Murkgliders (WoS)
  • Murkgliders (NC)
Ukun Quill
  • (NC)
  • (RCoD)
  • (WoS)
Chest Shared Dragorn Elder Scepter
  • Velitorkin (WoS)
  • Tiorpat Tornwing (RCoD)
Specific (3) Kuuan Oil Candle
  • (NC)
Tattered Chimera Pelt
  • Chimeras (WoS)
Ragged Discordling Skin
  • Discordling mobs (WoS)
Shorn Murkglider Tentacles
  • Murkgliders (NC)
  • Murkgliders (WoS)
  • Murkgliders (RCoD)
Feet Shared Kuuan Traitor Stones
  • Dragorn Turretkeeper (WoS)
  • Ukun Tendonslicer (WoS)
  • Murkglider Deathsting (WoS)
  • Ridgerunner Droongar (NC)
Specific (2) Ikaav Braid
  • Ikaav's (NC)
Muramite Dragorn Slaver Whip
  • (WoS)
Muramite Dispatch
  • Nocs (NC)
Kyv Bowstring
  • Kyv archers (NC)
Hands Shared Spire Control Shard
  • Bazu Bonesmasher (WoS)
  • Discordling Bloodfiend (WoS)
  • Bowlord Rorn (RCoD)
  • Kyv Bloodhound (RCoD)
Specific (2) Discordling Finger Bone
  • Discordlings (WoS)
Glistening Murkglider Pelt
  • Muramites (WoS)
  • Muramites (NC)
Darkshorn Kyv Hood Discordling Message Satchel
  • Discordlings (WoS)
  • Discordlings (MPG)
Head Shared Duskfall Chronicles
  • Chimera Seether (WoS)
  • Kyv Pureshot (WoS)
  • Kyv Bowguard (RCoD)
  • A Massive Bazy (NC)
Specific (2) Rugged Murkglider Skin
  • Murkgliders (WoS)
  • Murkgliders (NC)
Muramite Ritual Scroll
  • (WoS)
Deepshadow Feran Pelt
  • (NC)
Bristling Ukun Hides
  • Ukuns (RCoD)
Legs Shared Dragorn City Ember
  • Pyrique Redwing (WoS)
Specific (3) Dragorn Muramite Insignia Necklace
  • (NC)
  • (WoS)
  • (Spire)
Dragorn Metal Bowls
  • (WoS)
Lock of Hair From a Chimera Mane
  • Chimeras (WoS)
Dranik Incense Burner
  • (WoS)
Wrists Shared Dranik Blood Standard
  • Ungi the Swift (RCoD)
  • Girplan Mastercrafter (WoS)
  • Noc Bonecleaver (WoS)
Specific (2) Hooked Chimera Claw
  • Chimeras (WoS)
Dansk Branches
  • (NC)
Shed Ikaav Skins Ashlock Branch
  • (RCoD)