Restart in 10 minutes, resistance is futile!

Being a good and paranoid user I naturally install any and all security patches that my kind Windows XP installation asks me to.

Unfortunatly some patches require me to restart my computer after installation. Primitive, but it’s the Windows way, I guess. While the patches have been downloaded and installed, I have continued to use my computer and would actually prefer to not have to shut down all my applications. So when the installation asks me to reboot, I click “Reboot later” planning to shut down the machine when I leave work.

!/journal/2004/10/18/restart_in_10_minutes_resistance_is_futile/restart_later.png (Restart later popup)!

Sadly, my now not-so-kind Windows XP installation is quite insistant and continues to ask me to reboot every 15 minutes. I have 15 running applications, 36 running processes, 3 edited and unsaved documents, a gazillion opened webpages, 2 active IM conversations, and a least one active SSH connection going. I have no intention of shutting all that down, and no, I don’t want to in 15 minutes either, quit bugging me, gah!