is 16% different

I didn’t qualify for Fran?ois Briattes survey of how 10 websites differ on 25 elements, however I’ll pretend I did and examine myself just for kicks.

It turns out differs from the norm in 4 of the 25 spots putting my dissidence at 16%. Allow me to explain my reasoning behind these differences.


4: Are hovered links underlined? (80% yes – Me: not really)

Strictly speaking my :hover style isn’t underlined, I change the background-color instead. Visual preference and to make sure the :hover style is more distinquished from the regular link styles.

19: Does the navigation bar use image rollovers? (60% yes – Me: no)

No images were harmed in the navigation of this page. Pure text all the way. With limited graphic skills this seemed the easier way to go.

20: Is the page UTF-8 encoded? (60% yes – Me: no)

I am kicking it oldschool with ISO-8859-1. I can’t really give a reason for this, I reckon I just haven’t seen any compelling reasons to switch to UTF-8. Admittedly, this isn’t something I have considered much.

24: Is there a 404 page? (60% yes – Me: no)

Yeah yeah, I realize I should have one. Not having one is primarily due to me being a lazy bastard and not daring messing too much with the server this website runs off (which is the same as my work website).


Man, do I feel like I am part of the in crew now. ;)