Redesign details

Yesterdays redesign post was a bit short since I was lazy and in a hurry. Today I bring you a bit more details about the new layout. Easy now, try to control your excitement.

Header image

The (current) header image is a shot from the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I liked the movie and I really like the shot for it’s simplicity and quiet harmony. So there it is.

Link styles

Traditionally I have been using one color for non-visited links, and a less contrasty variant of the same color for visited links. For this design I wanted to move away from this. Aside from using different colors (which it appears might be a bit too different) to distinquish between a links visited-state, visited links use a dashed underline instead of the solid underline of non-visited links.

I considered using strikethrough or checkmarks or something like it to indicate a visited link, however none of those really suits me. Strikethrough tends to visually conflict with the <del> tag and I plain don’t like the look, and checkmarks make links look like something that’s part of a To-Do list, which they hardly are.

Inspiration nodes

Credit should go where credit is due. The current incarnation of this website has been vastly inspired by Binary Bonsai, Senior PGA Championship, and JustWatchTheSky. Some ideas lifted from Mezzoblue and Asterisk. When I grow up I want to be like you guys.