F*** it

I had the distinct displeasure of hearing the censored version of Eamon’s “Fuck it (I don’t want you back)” the other day. And by censored I mean chopped up, chewed up and spit out again. All the apparently naughty words was basically removed, but it just seems like an excersize in futility.

I mean, does anybody seriously believe that the 2 people who haven’t heard the original lyrics can’t guess what the real wording of “F*** you, you h**, I don’t want you back” is supposed to be?

Do the grand old men of censorship believe that if we just don’t say fuck, that immoral indecensy will automatically go away? What is the point of censoring words if not to pretend they don’t exist? And is this really different from an ostrich sticking it’s head in a bush when it feels threatened?

Whatever. Or as Eamon puts it now:

F*** what I said, it dont mean s*** now