Death of the referrer tracker

Sigh, yet another jerk decided to spam every single goddamn entry on this website pretending to be referred from a certain URL (which gives an error 404, good job!) hammering the final nail in the referrer trackers coffin.

I will no longer record or display referrers on my entries. I am not willing to provide Google juice to referrer abusers, neither am I willing to waste my time trying to limit the amount of fake referrals. This saddens me since I have found a good deal of interesting sites by following those referrals – not to mention I will be missing the stroking of my ego every time someone follows a link to my humble site.

Feel free to contact and and tell them what a bunch of inept twits they are. “Visual Software Systems – marketing results you can see” – not on my website you can’t.

Actually, since I have no way to prove that it is actually Visual Software Systems behind the abuse I am naturally not recommending or suggesting that anyone should take any action against or judge said company.