What search engines think I know

I’ve been looking at some of the phrases that people have used to find mentalized on search engines and much to my surprise I seem to be the #1 hit on Google for a few select things.

Those examples are somewhat plain, but then it starts getting funny.

Mentalized vs the world

But I don’t stop there. No sir, I won’t settle for taking on spammers and stupid javascripts, I have to go after multinational corporations:

Mentalized vs Nike

My rant about Nike Plays ignorant browser check ranks higher than Nikes actual website, wow.

Mentalized vs Samsung

So a person looking for this very specific monitor is likely to end up reading my semi-rant about Samsungs website usability instead of actually finding the monitor on Samsungs website?

And I am still the numero uno spot in the world for female butts in tight leather pants :)