Human-rights violations

After seeing how discrimination against Haitians supposedly disappears by having Take2 remove the phrase ‘Kill the Haitians’ from GTA: Vice City, I would like to file the following complaints on behalf of selected minorities.


In the game by IO Interactive, Freedom Fighters, the phrase “Kill the Russians” is frequently heard, often accompanied by the words “Find the red” and “Destroy”, and by degoratory describing members of the Russian-American minority as “obstacles”. This is clearly a violation of the human rights of the proud comrades of the glorious motherland.


The Jedi Council of Koruscant points out to me that on numerous occasions during George Lucas popular movie hexalogy(!), Star Wars, the phrase “Kill the jedi” or variations thereof with the same meaning and intent is uttered. If this isn’t removed from the movies and the memories of those who have already seen it aren’t wiped, the Council sees no other resolution than to take legal actions.


It has been brought to my attention, that an entire movie has been dedicated to teaching the youth of today to “Kill Bill”. This indoctrinating message have been prominently displayed in trailers downloaded off the Internet, on a dedicated website, and on huge posters. This is an atrocity against the civil liberties of Bills – both big and small.