NFS: Underground - the online experience

A guide to playing Need for Speed: Underground in too many easy steps:

  1. Connect to the online part
  2. Choose username
  3. Realize you have to accept the terms of usage again, accept them
  4. Choose username
  5. Choose your car
  6. Verify that you have chosen the right car
  7. Choose the kind of race you want
  8. Locate a chatroom with free space in a list of hundreds of chatrooms
  9. Find the list of created games
  10. Hope you are able to get into a game before it fills the 4 slots
  11. Hope the creator of the game actually starts the game before people leave again
  12. Hope you don’t get the dreaded “cannot connect to the host”-message that noone really know what means. If you do, go to 7
  13. Look at a silly textmessage and not the nice looking cars while waiting for all 4 people to connect.
  14. Pray that none of the opponents are one of the way too many online cheaters
  15. Win the race
  16. Pray that you actually won the race and not some other player that you just couldn’t see on your screen
  17. Wonder why you didn’t get the points you just won
  18. Go to 7 – alternativly log off, wondering why anyone bothers playing it online

The singleplayer part is kickass though.