End the autoreply madness already!

Fine, so you have an email server or client that can autoreply to people sending you mail, notifying them if you are on extended vacation, “on course” (actual autoreply), taking a dump or whatever, great for you.

But please, for the love of my time and everything else I consider sacred, do not start sending autoreplies stating “I will reply to your email”! Think, please. You don’t have your answering machine saying “I am here, I will answer the phone” do you?

Imagine for a second what would happen if I started doing the same thing in reply to that autoreply? I am sure our mail servers would love having that little chat and I would love seeing my inbox fill up with mindless drivel – I get enough of that from spam already, thank you.

If you want to reply to my email, how about actually, you know, reply to it?