The Iksar Handbook of Infiltration

Or just "A (not 'The') guide to getting evil races into Good-Race cities"

I was asked if I could summarise my steps to get my Iksar into most of Norrath, and I will. I will emphasize that these are my steps and not nescesarily the best way.


A difficult, but rewarding place to have access to, because of the struggle between the Militia and the Knights.

Step One

For merchant and rogue faction, I did the "Note for Rebby"-Quest. The quest item you return to finish the quest is stackable and tradeable (Rebby's Whiskers), so you can do this with a dummy character, and then hand them to your Evildoer. Evil races will start out at Dubious with the Rogues, so sneaking or Wolf Form is needed to get to Indifferent, where you can hand in the items. I did quite a load of these (120, give or take) as I had been told that this could fix Militia Faction as well. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! You do get Militia Faction, but not nearly enough. When I was "Warmly" to Rogues and Merchants, I was still KoS to the Militia.

Faction movement:

+Carson McCabe
+Coalition of Tradesfolk (FP Merchants)
+Coalition of Tradesfolk, Illegal (FP Rogues)
+Corrupt Qeynos Guards
+Freeport Militia

-No negative Faction.

Step Two

To finish the Militia faction, I did DeathFist Slashed Belts. It should be noted, that because of the negative faction with Knights of Truth you get when handing these in, you are NOT doing yourself a favor by buying these belts. Hunt for them yourself, and the Knight faction just about balances out - It really doesn't take long, at least for a lvl 28 monk. I handed in 45 Belts to become Dubious to the Militia, but I had also done a few Pawn Picks, probably not enough to be significant. You hand them in to Captain Hazran who is deep inside the Militia Building, so you will need Wolf Form or Invisibility+Sneak to get them to him.

Faction Movement:

+Coalition of Tradesfolk, Illegal
+Freeport Militia
-Knights of Truth
-Priests of Marr (So evil Clerics with dreams of training in FP should do something else, I think.)

...In hindsight, it might be better to swap steps one and two. If you get your Militia Faction up first, you can do BOTH Janam and Rebby quests for a significantly larger faction boost, but there might be ifs and buts about this.

Step Three

As a shortcut to Knight faction, I found Fabian the Bard in the "Grub and Grog" Tavern in East Freeport. He was KoS to me, but if I sneaked, I could get to him. Handing him 2gp gives faction with KoT, as well as with Antonnican Bards, which is nice (They are everywhere). I spent roughly 650gp on him, whereafter I was Dubious to the Bards, but unfortunately still KoS to the Knights. Still, I was happy to have fixed the Bards.

Faction Movement:

+League of Antonnican Bards
+Knights of Truth
-Mayong Mistmoore
-Ring of Scale

Step Four

There was no other way to do was back to the Commonlands, where an untold number of Orcs lost their lives to my Battlestaff. A VERY lose figure would be 5-600 Orc kills in total, whereafter I was Dubious to the Knights and also (added bonus) Dubious to the Monks, which meant that I can sneak behind the trainers, and train in Freeport. BTW, while hunting, I still saved the Orc belts, and just auctioned them of for 1pp each, which actually made me quite a profit (100+pp at least)

Faction Movement:

+Ashen Order (FP monks)
+Knights of Truth
+Commons Residents
+Guardians of the Vale
-Deathfist Orcs (Obviously)

...And that was Freeport done. I still can not go near the Spellcasters, but I was wondering if there would be a way to do the "Illegible Cantrip"-quest as an evil character. You get quite a few Apprentices while hunting the orcs, so maybe...


An important place for any self-respecting merchant, but unfortunately at the cost of Neriak.

Step One (of one)

Go to Crushbone and kill anything that moves for a very, very long time. I can't give any exact numbers or time spent, but as a rough guide, expect to be 2/3-3/4 of the way done when your Crushbone Faction bottoms out. If you do a little bit more, you will become non-KoS to the guards in and around Felwithe, and a bit more genocide will make the Dwarf Warriors and Guards tollerate you. You will, however, still be KoS to the banker. I just FD to bank in Kelethin, but I understand that the faction can be fixed using this quest.

-On a small practical note: You can check your faction-progress in Crushbone without leaving. Just con the various slaves to see when they become dubious. You'll need to con the FEMALE dwarves, though. The male ones seem to be on a different faction, and become dubious sooner.

Faction Movement:

+Emerald Warriors
+Faydark's Champions
-Crushbone Orcs
-Indigo Brotherhood (Bye bye Neriak...)


An obvious choice, since you're almost there already...

Step One:

When you are non-KoS to the dwarves, you can hand in any Crushbone Belts you have to Canloe Nusback in the warrior guild in South Kaladim to boost most other Dwarf Factions. I don't have a number as to how many you need. I did around 35 or so, and I went from Dubious to...well...Dubious, so it takes more. The point of this was ofcourse to become non-KoS to the Paladins, which is nescesary for the next step.

Faction Movement:

+Kazon Stormhammer (Boss Dwarf)
+Merchants of Kaladim
+Miners Guild 249 (Kaladim Paladins)
-Craknek Warriors (Warriors of Oggok)

Step Two

I haven't done this yet, but this is how it goes (if you want to)

For Cleric Faction, you need lots and lots of Bonechips to hand in to Gunlok Jure in the Paladin Guild. I cannot say how many, or what your faction needs to be to do this. I know it's possible with "Indifferent"(sneaking)

Faction Movement:

+Clerics of Underfoot
+Miners Guild 249
+Kazon Stormhammer

...The one important faction missing now is "Miners Guild 628"(Kaladim Rogues). This is the faction that the Banker is on, and there are very few good quests you can do to remedy this. Also there are rogues standing outside the bank as well, so sneaking and Feigning Death is very difficult (But possible. I did it, but died on my way out from a 600dam backstab).

Rivervale (An easy one)

For those who need a break when running across the continent.

Step One (of one)

Get through Rivervale to Misty Thicket (Somehow). In the far SouthEastern corner is the hut of Joogl Honeybugger, who has a nasty Bixie-sting which needs a bandage. Ofcourse sneaking and Wolf Form etc will be nescesary. I have heard anything from 400 to 800 bandages are needed to fix Rivervale faction, and I am currently camped in Rivervale, carrying 600 (-But I still need to make the dash through the city). The only faction this WON'T fix is the Bristlebane Clerics, but careful sneaking and/or running when entering Rivervale will allow you to enter.

Faction Movement:

+Deeppockets (Rivervale Rogues)
+Guardians of the Vale (Guards and Warriors)
+Mayor Gubbin (The head Honcho of Rivervale)
+Rivervale Merchants
-Coalition of Tradesfolk, Illegal (-But apparently a very small loss)


This is just a few notes on what to do.

First of, kill Minotaurs for Guard and warrior faction. Then there are a few quests that will give merchant faction, but they don't seem that good. As for the Gnome Casters, the problem is that the quests done to further you faction with these guys are all given out by themselves, and only to those with a relatively high faction to begin with, so it might not be possible at all, I don't know. You don't seem to need anything other than Warrior (Gemchoppers)-faction to bank here, provided that the merchants start out at at least dubious. I haven't checked this, but merchants usually do, which is good enough for a sneaker like me (However, the Gnome Merchant in NFP (I forget his name) DID agro on me when I entered his shop, and if HE is on the Merchants of Ak'Anon-Faction, things look very different indeed.)

-And that is all I can say. I hope to add a few more cities to my list (Highpass Keep and Qeynos first of all), and I will add to this guide in case of any breakthroughs. I hope all this is usefull, even if it is a bit long-winded.

Niteklaw Ahzi'Dahaka - Iksar Monk