EverQuest class titles

Table of the special titles classes are awarded above level 50 in EverQuest, including the level 65 titles from Planes of Power.
Class 51-54 55-59 60-64 65
Bard Minstrel Troubadour Virtuoso Maestro
Beastlord Primalist Animist Savage Lord Feral Lord
Berserker Brawler Vehement Rager Fury
Cleric Vicar Templar High Priest Archon
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant Storm Warden
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist Coercer
Magician Elementalist Conjurer Arch Mage Arch Convoker
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster Transcendent
Necromancer Heretic Defiler Warlock Arch Lich
Paladin Cavalier Knight Crusader Lord Protector
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder Forest Stalker
Rogue Rake Blackguard Assassin Deceiver
Shadow Knight Reaver Revenant Grave Lord Dread Lord
Shaman Mystic Luminary Oracle Prophet
Warrior Champion Myrmidon Warlord Overlord
Wizard Channeler Evoker Sorcerer Arcanist
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