Starship Troopers with deeper meaning?

Damn Jake of 8Bit! To me, Starship Troopers has always been the perfect no-brains-involved movie – perfect for when hung over. I enjoy the way Verhoeven manages to stear clear of every bit of sentimental, emotional substory in the movie.

It is hinted that Dizzy is feeling lonely, but it doesn’t turn into more than a single shot of her not getting any mail.

The shattered relationship between Carmen and Johnny could’ve turned the movie into a sobbing love story, but it doesn’t because Carmen is a bitch and Johnny has Ace to kick around.

The implications of Carl sending Johnny to his expected death is shrugged off with a That’s what the Mobile Infantry is good for.

The movie never becomes deeper than “we’re the good guys, we shoot with big guns at everything that has more legs than us”.

Now Jake claims that Starship Troopers is really an anti-fascist statement. Damn, now I have to set my brain in gear next time I watch the movie.

Actually, I have always thought Starship Troopers was a bit of a forgotten pearl. The fact that it can be seen as a dark black humour, “kill ’em all” action movie as well as an anti-fascist, “war is bad, mmmkay” statement doesn’t make it one bit less good – quite the opposite.